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Losing My Carrots


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I’m tired. I thought I just needed a night’s sleep but it’s more than that.

Llewyn Davis

Anonymous asked: hey man i'm trying to re-learn how to write songs because at the moment it's just escaped me somehow, and your songs are all so beautiful and some of them move me to tears. i just wanted to ask what you do when you feel uninspired in order to keep on creating.


Off the top of my head here’s a list of things I have done to find inspiration.

drugs (not always a good idea)
taking long walks with nowhere to go
interview your friends without them knowing it, just ask a lot of questions about their lives you may learn something you never knew about them or that they wouldn’t share without being eased into it
set an alarm for 3 am and force yourself to get up and write a song immediately even if it sucks then go back to sleep and listen to it in the morning and either laugh at yourself or be amazed
be around animals 
watch something on tv you have never seen but tell everyone you hate like 2 and a half men or something and think about how it makes you feel to hate something you don’t know anything absolute about
play music with other people with no intentions of ever playing it live or recording it

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"Some things are hard to understand - like jellyfish. Do you understand jellyfish? People are like jellyfish to me. I don’t understand. -Rin Tezuka


“Ghost Photographs” by Angela Deane


“Ghost Photographs” by Angela Deane

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Feels on Feels.

Listening to the Katawa Shoujo OST and feeling many feels.